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Author Topic: Which guitar shall I get thread  (Read 3979 times)

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Which guitar shall I get thread
« on: July 05, 2007, 05:42:01 PM »
Please post links that are relevant to this thread topic.

If you would like to share a few pointers for newbie guitar players on different guitar body, styles, tonewoods, brands... feel free to post here.


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Which guitar shall I get thread
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2007, 05:14:03 AM »
Here are a few existing forum threads related to buying a first guitar:


Here are just a few. I am sure there are a lot more brands out there, but these are the most common well-known brands out there. A few of the companies make both acoustic and electric guitars, so you will see a few brands repeat in the electric list.

ACOUSTIC strum to your heart's content!

Aria | http://www.ariaguitars.com/int/index.html
Alvarez | http://www.alvarezgtr.com/
Yamaha | http://www.global.yamaha.com/products/music/guitars.html
Taylor | http://www.taylorguitars.com
Martin | http://www.mguitar.com/
Takamine | http://www.takamine.com/
Larrivee | http://www.takamine.com/
Simon & Patrick | http://www.simonandpatrick.com/
Seagull | http://www.seagullguitars.com/
Timothy | http://www.sinamex.com/features/guitars.html (A Singaporean brand)
Gibson | http://www.gibson.com/en-us/divisions/Gibson%20Acoustic/
Art & Lutherie | http://www.artandlutherieguitars.com/
Cort | http://www.cort.co.kr/english/products/aco...egory=Acoustics
Ovation | http://www.ovationguitars.com/
Fender | http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?section=Acoustics
Norman | http://www.normanguitars.com/
Epiphone | http://www.epiphone.com/
Guild | http://www.guildguitars.com/
Santa Cruz | http://www.santacruzguitar.com/

ELECTRIC rock it out with style

*Also make amplifiers too

B.C Rich | http://www.bcrich.com
ESP | http://www.espguitars.com
Epiphone | http://www.epiphone.com
Gibson | http://www.gibson.com/Products/GibsonElectric
Fender* | http://www.fender.com
Squier | http://www.squierguitars.com
Ibanez* | http://www.ibanez.com
PRS (Paul Reed Smith)* | http://www.prsguitars.com
Godin | http://www.godinguitars.com
Fernandes | http://www.fernandesguitars.com
Hamer | http://www.hamerguitars.com
Jackson | http://www.jacksonguitars.com
Washburn | http://www.washburn.com

AMPS sound bigger, duh, lol

Marshall | http://www.marshallamps.com
Orange | http://www.orangeamps.com
Crate | http://www.crateamps.com
Roland | http://www.bosscorp.co.jp/products/en/p_roland.html (Scroll down for amps)
Peavey | http://www.peavey.com

EFFECTS PEDALS clean/distortion isn't enough, bring on 1,000,000 more effects!

Roland 'BOSS' | http://www.bosscorp.co.jp/products/en/index.html
Digitech | http://www.digitech.com
ZOOM | http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/index.html
Line 6 | http://line6.com/products
Korg | http://www.korg.com
Behringer | http://www.behringer.com/02_products/index.cfm?lang=eng

STRINGS revives your guitar's sound

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Which guitar shall I get thread
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2007, 11:07:54 PM »
The Physics of getting your FIRST guitar!...

Electric or acoustic?
Hollow body, Semi-hollow body, Solid body?
What wood should I get?
Oh nooo... We haven't even considered COLOUR yet... @@

What makes a guitar good? What makes one great?
Are all those 'artist' named guitars better?
Is the Fender Stratocaster Classic Series 50, 2-colour sunburst used by YUI with all her cool modifications the BEST guitar out there?
Is a pricier guitar better?
Is a pricier guitar better FOR ME?

Guitars are like... Err... <insert something you collect here>... You need to have experience with it to understand it! BUT... It's actually not 'physics' to decide on what guitar to get!

With so many different varieties, which one is best for YOU?
Firstly, you need to set your mind on a few things.... Specifically:
1. What kinda music are you into?
2. What kinda music do you want to play?
3. Do you want diversity (i.e. not limited to only acoustic songs)?
4. Electric or Acoustic?
It's actually easier to answer these questions than you think... You probably know most of the answers, if not all... (Which is probably why you're stuck on this thread, after reading Nat's recommendations!).

Now comes the hard part... Exactly WHAT guitar should you go with?
Contrary to some beliefs, having a role model (like YUI) sometimes helps you to have an idea of what kind of guitar you want to go for. It helps to limit your choices because you have a role model to look up to or want to go in the 'general' direction of! For me, my role model was Michelle Branch (Yes, yes... I wish it was YUI too!) and I wanted a similar cutaway acoustic like her... NOW, after some experience, I have come to realise that I will never be able to have her rather expensive Taylor 614-CE... But that's beside the point! I got a Yamaha APX-5A which is a cutaway design and I still love the sound it gives off (though I like my Les Paul more... Lalalala...)!!

Go ahead and do reasearch on different models... Get a good understanding of what makes a difference to whatever guitar type you're looking at, be it electric or acoustic.
Then, set a PRICE RANGE... It will help to LIMIT what you can go for. For a beginner, going for a high-end guitar with all the cool gadgetery is probably not the best idea... You might not know how to use half the gadgets and you're likely to mess up the guitar (with age and RUSTING) and not be able to use half the gadgets later on. Of course, there is a thin line concerning gadgetery and having SOME room for expansion is good (e.g. a tremolo bar). It'll keep you interested and give you some things to play with when you're tired of practising!! :clap
Also, talk with friends and experts who have had experience with guitars... Get ideas not only from experts, but also from people who have just bought their FIRST guitars! Try out some of your friends' guitars... See if their guitar is something you want to go for (or NOT go for... :P)!

Once you've got your list (maybe 3 to 5), it's time to muster up the courage to go to your favourite instrumental/guitar store... and TRY!! Trying is the single most important thing you MUST do... Don't just pick one guitar on the net and ORDER it without trying. If you're not experienced with the technical terms, you're likely to order one that you don't like... Or one that has something you're not too familiar with (like a Floyd Rose tremolo system... =.=")! Okay... Look... It's gonna feel a little stupid especially if you're BEGINNER beginner... We've all gone through it and believe me, if guitarists in the store don't have the respect to help you out and just snigger at you... They aren't good guitarists at all! Also, get help from the store helpers... They'll give you advice on how to choose between the models (but make sure that their technical words don't drive you away from one that you're pretty sure was THE ONE!).
It may actually take a few visits to find the right guitar... But when you're comfortable with the feel of it... Strummed a little bit here and there...
WAIT! Take a step back and be sure you really want it... Then, take a deep breath and... GO FOR IT!!

Good luck with practice!!
A little special note for acoustic guitarists... Your guitars will sound BETTER with time... Wood matures and adapts to the beautiful music you let loose from it...
Also... Make sure you take care of your guitar... Give it a few wipes with a cloth every now and then. Before AND after each practice, wipe the strings (together and then one each) to insure that your strings have longer life!
Enjoy!! :please

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Which guitar shall I get thread
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2007, 09:35:13 AM »
AMEN. lol wouldn't have said it better myself haha

why i did this i have no clue... im quite a guitar freak thats probably why... i have no life = =

ok looking at more specific advice at picking a guitar.

* Some of the following info might be just my opinion.

For beginners, regarding brands.[/u]
Firstly, I shall focus on acoustic guitars.

There are a few popular widely known guitar brands out there that are extremely good. Taylors (HECK YEAH!), Takamine, Martins etc. these are the pricier high end stuff. For beginners who want to start out, please don't spend that much money on these guitars... i have friends who have taylors and barely play anymore... it would be a terrible waste of money and disgrace to the beautiful guitar if you put it aside and decide not to play it anymore.

So check out these brands which are more popular among beginners (at least here in canada): Yamaha, Epiphone, and Art & Lutherie, and Takamine.

I would suggest a Yamaha for beginners because they are quite reliable, and can last quite a while. The price range is way affordable, around $200? and its quite reliable for that kind of price.

Art & Lutherie and Takamine gets a bit more expensive. I have a Takamine that is worth 499, but i got it for 315, has all ur electronics, tuner and preamp at a store, and many stores sell them for around that price. These brands are really awesome, and can come quite cheap under 500.


I would recommend Epiphones, or Squiers, mainly because they are branches of well-known and well-trusted guitar luthiers, Gibson and Fender respectively. Epiphones as it goes up in price also sound great. You can get electrics of these brands at around $200



Now picking a guitar for those who have played for a while, really depends on how much you like it. But a way of deciding how you might like a guitar is to look at the details of what type of materials it is made of.

These are by no means a strict law that all guitars abide by, it is only a rough estimate on what kind of sounds a guitar can deliver, this can change depending on different factors (strings, body shape etc)

Tops are probably teh most important part of an acoustic guitar, it is responsible for most of the guitar's sound and volume.
Tops on cheaper guitars are mostly laminate, meaning between two thin layers of wood, woodgrains are glued together to create the top. Solid tops, (one piece) resonate better and cleaner, and fuller
These are the more common types of materials.

spruce is the most common type of wood used for guitar soundboards.

The most common is sitka spruce, quite inexpensive nowadays. it tends to deliver a clear, bright tone, and can be played quite hard without sounding forced, or harsh.

Englemanm spruce, is more expensive, and more difficult to use on a guitar due to the way it grows. It's softer and easier to damage than sitka. It is great for fingerpicking, and has a warm open tone.

Adironack spruce is expensive, and quite versatile in tone, also known forbeing able to be played quite hard without sounding harsh or forced. This is on the higher end of guitar manufacturers

European spruce is affordable, and are desirable for companies big and small. And it is a very versatile spruce top.

All in al, spruce is known to be bright, clear and quick to respond. And cheap.


Cedar tops are known for its rich, dark tone. That is why cedar is often used on classical guitars. It is known to respond to the lightest touch. Cedar has a warm, brownish color and is softer than spruce. Price is quite on the average, used on steel-string and nylon-string guitars.


Mahogany is technically a hardwood but it is still used by guitar manufacturers. It lacks quickness and clarity of common spruce tops, however, what really makes mahogany outstanding is its warmth and depth.


Koa wood looks very different than all the other types of materials. Some people pick it for the look, a dramatic figure. As for the sound, koa tends to sound a bit compressed, and has a lower volume, but has excellent sustain (resonating qualities).


There are many other materials that guitar makers use, for example, maple, or walnut, and also alternative materials, like carbon graphite fibers on plywood has been used before.


Again, laminate woods on cheaper guitars (usually beginner guitars) delivers bright sound but lacks depth and tone. Solid wood resonates better, and has a fuller richer tone.


Mahogany back and sides, usually delivers a bright clear crisp treble sound and tone. Mahogany is light brown in color and found pretty much everywhere, therefore it is quite affordable.


Ranging from dark chocolate brown, to reddish brown, it delivers full and rich bass response with clear trebles. It is a very popular type of wood used, because of its fullness. This is also probably the type of rosewood used in YUI's GA-45SCE acoustics. (her ESA-10CE is made of palo escrito rosewood, which is found in Mexico, and is not that commonly used.)


This is now banned for exporting, so it is rare to find this type of wood used in guitars. It is argued this is slightly better than indian rosewood. But it delivers the similar rosewood bass response and clear trebles. Nowadays it is 15 to 20 times more expensive than indian rosewood.


Maple is light pale yellow which turns more golden with exposure to light. It delivers smooth mellow bass with clear but, not too bright trebles. Maple is usually found on higher end guitars.


Koa is from hawaii and has bright trebles and a strong mid-range. It is relatively scarcely found, but many guitar makers has it in stock. Guitar manufacturers feel this is an interesting addition to the range of allt he existing types of woods. Koa tends to be a bit more pricey.


Walnut is dark brown, but it is only until recently that guitar luthiers started using this wood. It's tones are between mahogany trebles and rosewood bass, making it a well-rounded type of wood. Because Walnut is not endangered more guitar manufacturers will probably start using it. At the moment, Walnut is still a bit on the high end because it has yet to be used alot.


Cherry is a pale blond wood, with sonic qualities much like maple. It is inexpensive as a raw material, but still has great sound.


There are plenty of other woods that guitar makers can take advantage of, and they are constantly trying to experiment with new materials. Some examples of some other woods, are ovangkol, which is rosewood-like, sapele which is similar to mahogany.


There are plenty of body shapes out there, from a New Yorker, to NEX, to Grand Concerts. However i will only cover a few.

If you walk into a guitar store, there is no way you will not see a dreadnought. This is the most common body style out there. It was created when there was a need for more powerful sounding guitars, to keep up with louder instruments. The dreadnought is easily the most powerful sounding guitar out there that you can play with a flatpick. It's not too great for fingerpicking but there are fingerpickers who would pick a dreadnought over anything else. It has a well rounded sound, and it is a body shape anyone would recommend.
 (personally, i hav a dreadnought cutaway, but without cutaways i think they're fugly loll. i like more curves on guitars like the Grand Concert... Taylor Grand Concert Cutaways... ah......)


These are quite big instruments, and was created because there was a need for even LOUDER instruments. These body styles features more curves, and a bigger belly. (YUI's Fenders are all grand auditoriums) These instruments are extremely versatile, from fingerstyle picking to strumming techniques. Because of the shape, it is also extremely comfortable. Overall, a great balance between volume, tone, and playing comfort.


Jumbos are gigantic guitars, with large upper and lower bouts, and a tight waist. Jumbos are less defined in tonal qualities it offers. They tend to be better for backup strumming. Although many jumbos have been modified for fingerstyle.  Overall its a strummer with a booming sound.


Strings depend on your preference.

Strings often make quite a huge difference as i just experienced. I made a switch to Elixir strings... and.... it's like MAGIC. holy cr-- its amazing. The sound is awesome, Elixirs are so bright, but not like twangy and harsh kind of bright. Also, the strings are so smooth, i can even play solos like Canon in D, and like shred on my acoustic haha. It is just magic. They last 3-5 times longer than normal strings, and has amazing tone. But its very expensive ($20), but it's worth it.

D'addarios are probably the most common type of string used.

I recently tried Dean Markleys but i really didnt' like them. they seem to have such a rough texture and don't sound exceptional.

I heard also that DR strings are supposed to be awesome, but i havent tried them. they are in a really ugly green package with old school yellow font hahaha.

Anyway, when it comes to picking guitars, its really what you prefer. And often, once you try out a guitar, sometimes its like a sudden eureka moment. you will be like OMG this is it. remember that every guitar is unique and there is definitely a match for you.

For beginners, its hard to tell the difference between each guitar, so just go for a trusted but cheap brand like Yamaha.

So pick up a guitar and play!

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Which guitar shall I get thread
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haha this is really useful, thanks :D :clap
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Which guitar shall I get thread
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2010, 04:31:42 PM »
Thaks, I want a electric guitar too :clap

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Which guitar shall I get thread
« Reply #6 on: January 19, 2010, 04:59:28 PM »
Thanks, I am going to read over this thread to find out more about guitars.

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Which guitar shall I get thread
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wow nice thread, but this thread make my G.A.S. relapse  :sry
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Which guitar shall I get thread
« Reply #8 on: August 08, 2011, 01:20:51 AM »
Um, I'm planning to buy my very first branded guitar.  I've been learning just by borrowing from friends.  I'm planning of buying Squire by Fender SA-100 acoustic package since I'm in a very tight budget.  But do you think Yamaha would sound better than Fender when it comes to acoustic guitar? I observed that YUI was a Fender-girl when it comes to electric guitars but I don't what's shes using in her acoustic.  Any advice pal?

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Which guitar shall I get thread
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^Recently, she has been playing her Martins (acoustic). But her first guitar was a Yamaha.
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