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Author Topic: Single Male Rant~!  (Read 8780 times)

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #30 on: February 16, 2007, 06:46:33 AM »
Quote from: "s0l1dsn8k3"
Quote from: "iron_turkey"
you know, how kids are "oh getting a boyfriend/girlfriend is cool! i wanna get one too.!!!"
You sound like you're 28, rather than 14.  :lol:
yes wait till ur 16... then ur pants start taking over....

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #31 on: February 16, 2007, 07:46:24 AM »
i apologize for the length of this post...but something earlier today got me thinking about my ex, and i just needed to get this outta my system...

i try not to think about it, and i very rarely talk about it, but it seems that my ex left a scar on me...we dated for 2 years, and i'm pretty sure she was already planning to break up with me right before graduation, since she was going to be moving back to NYC to help her parents out, and I would be in grad school.  She never even told her parents about me, saying they wouldn't find me "suitable" (and she never understood why that pissed me off)...

Well, I took a year off school for health reasons, and we tried the long-distance thing.  It worked for a while...regular phone calls, visits as often as I could, and the like...soon, she started calling me once a week about homework or something related, but wouldn't really ever have time to talk to me...

as that semester went on, i stopped really having the energy to help her with homework, and she stopped calling...i went to visit her for about a week in November of '05 for a big formal that UR puts on every year.  i was looking forward to it, but she basically ignored me the whole time i was out there, saying she was "too busy", but devoting all her time to art projects and anime, always with headphones on, so it was all too clear she didn't want me around anyway...(mind you, she was a math major, and in the time i was out there, did _none_ of the homework related to any of her math classes)

the night before i left, she was "working on a follow-up letter" for an interview, but she watched anime the whole night, and went to sleep right as i woke up that morning...she had given me a gift earlier in the week, but i had asked her to store it for safe keeping until i was leaving...well, she wasn't awake for me to ask her where it was, so i didn't have it when i left...and she called, pissed off, about a week later, when she found it...

after that, she called on new year's eve, and then we talked twice after that...and around V-day a year ago, we called it quits (i edited my previous post, realizing i meant 3 years ago, and not 4)

i wasn't all that upset when we broke up...the last time we talked, neither of us said much of anything, and i never pursued it, but i should have...because the thing that really bothered me about it all was i really felt like she threw me away as casually as one would a tool that has stopped serving its purpose...

she really did make me feel pretty useless...and i no longer trust a girl's motives if she takes an interest in me...

there's one girl that i have grown very attached to, and whom i have grown to trust implicitly, but she lives on the other side of the world, and has a boyfriend (in all honesty, i can't understand the way he acts toward her sometimes, and really don't like the way he treats her, but it's not my place to say...)...so really, no matter how much she means to me, i can't really tell her and risk losing her as a friend...

yet i can't seem to keep her off my mind...*shrugs*  gotta love the Catch-22

it's probably better that i'm single...i have more time to do my own thing, and to figure things out before giving it another go...

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #32 on: February 16, 2007, 09:02:11 AM »
^ I feel for you, bro.  Even though I haven't had such experience in my own life, it still strikes me in the gut reading your story.

Hurray for Single Males!  Woo Raah!  Bonzai!!

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #33 on: February 16, 2007, 09:43:50 AM »
It's tough when a relationship ends like that, because it's difficult to see _when_ it actually went bad. It may be a hard thing for you to consider, but moving on and focusing on your life now, is the only advice I can offer.

In order to heal the scars of yesterday, we have to fix today.  :)         

Worrying yourself will not change the past, all that you can do is concentrate on your life now and work out how to better yourself so that that sort of thing doesn't happen to you again.

Another good thing to remember is that everyone is different. Don't let this experience mess up your image of women.. Because not every one that you meet will treat you like that.

Most important of all, relax, have fun.. Life is a journey, it's up to _YOU_ whether you enjoy it or not.

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #34 on: February 16, 2007, 12:18:14 PM »
yup.. what ducky say is true.. and u say that scared to tell the person cause u are afraid u will lose a friend i agree.. sometimes for some of us i feel that way...and is hard to get back together as friends after u confessed but got rejected...

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #35 on: February 16, 2007, 12:43:06 PM »
^cause no matter how much you want to avoid it, there's an awkwardness there that doesn't go away easily...or at all...

yeah...rubberduck, you're right...

i wonder why it still sometimes gets to me after a year...i guess it's harder to get over than i thought...

i've started opening up to people more...but it's not easy...i'm not as cautious of people's motives anymore, but i hate the idea of getting taken advantage of again...

yeah...one of the hardest things is i don't know where it went bad, so i'm not sure what to change...so the next best thing is relax and make it up as i go along, eh?

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #36 on: February 16, 2007, 01:35:08 PM »
i've been single all my life, but it doesnt matter really. i've had 2 rejections in my entire life and at that point of time, i was a wee teen so it did get me down for quite a while. but looking at my attached friends getting bished and bashed from their relationships, it made me realised single aint that bad. so when it happens, it just happens like i mentioned in my previous post.

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #37 on: February 16, 2007, 01:53:17 PM »
Yeah.. i'd rather be single too.. even though I have this big thing for this girl in almost all my classes  XD ..... I've been being such a jerk to her lately I kept on yelling at her and ignoring her. Maybe because I dont like the fact that she is always with other guys.. but seriously who am I to complain about her hanging out with people she chooses to hang out with..? It just bothers me a lot.. hmm  :(

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #38 on: February 16, 2007, 02:05:58 PM »
Ooo.. Turkey has moved on from Mc D's girl  :lol:

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #39 on: February 16, 2007, 02:13:00 PM »
hey that is so mean  :lovepc
I still miss her so much  :huhuhu Just that I don't even see her anymore..

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #40 on: February 17, 2007, 12:59:23 AM »
well, continuation of my rant -_-         

i then started to think about the replies in this thread and reconsidered her...i tried to talk to her and it feels so great to be able to talk to her again as if the "crush" thing wasn't going on...at least, we we're talking to each other again, not being cautious with being betrayed or cheated...but sad to say i wasn't able to say how i really feel for her but i think time would tell...

thanks guys for the advice/s ~~,

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #41 on: February 17, 2007, 01:18:39 AM »
cool, a rant thread for single males.. i've been single all my life, liked the same gal for 4 years and counting, got rejected once.. but haha, i dun think i need to rant at all cos for some reasons, i took it pretty well..

but recently, as in just last week, my friend got suicidal after a break up with his gal-fren.. i always thot suicide was something far-fetched, but now it happened to my fren, i shudder at that thot..

guys can rant and be sad, but all must move on..

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #42 on: February 17, 2007, 07:17:06 AM »
I'm a strong believer that suicide is a very selfish thing.. No matter how things turn out, they always get better. People who consider it, I think, are only thinking of themselves, and not the people around them.

I'll admit that I have thought about what it might be like, but never seriously. I think about my friends and family, and wonder how they would feel.. Once I start thinking of the people close to me, I know that it is not the right thing to do.

4 years is a long time to like the same girl.. You're not stalking her are you? j/k j/k  :lol:

I'm j/k ^_^          I hope you do see her again..  :)

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #43 on: February 17, 2007, 07:38:55 AM »
you know, i never really considered suicide, because i never could do that to the people i care about...and i never could give up on myself that readily...it's simply never the answer, and there's never a situation that warrants it...but i have had to talk people out of it...

it seems that people, once they hit that brink, don't like to think about other people...they concentrate on how unfortunate and screwed up things have gotten in their lives, but don't think about the ramifications of their deaths...and that realization is almost always enough to prevent a suicide...but the other thing i've learned is that the ones who come looking for help don't want to do it, but just don't see another choice...

i have sometimes wondered what it would be like if i were suddenly not here...but never in that permanent a sense...the most i ever considered was ducking under the radar for a few days...

more on topic,

it's funny...i'd like to know where things with my ex really went wrong, but as i never will, it's hard to accept...at the same time, i think i'm better off now than i would be if we were still dating...i just need to figure some things out, and i have some time to do it...

and the more i get out and interact with people, the more i realize that most people aren't like that...but i do wonder why she was...and why, if i realized it, which i probably did, i fell for it...

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Single Male Rant~!
« Reply #44 on: February 17, 2007, 09:52:26 AM »
We are often clouded by what we _want_ to believe, so we ignore what is actually happening. It is our eyes, and our brain deceiving us. Listen to your heart, don't second guess it, and it will know the way.  :)