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Author Topic: Cibo Matto  (Read 1667 times)

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Cibo Matto
« on: April 05, 2014, 07:41:37 AM »
This band is by 2 Japanese Girls...Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori
But I decided to make this thread on the Western Music Section since this band was formed in America and they sing all of their stuff in English(Yuka spent her early childhood days in Germany and Denmark and she also was in School in France before moving to New York)

Fun Trivia:John Lennon's Son(Sean Lennon) was a part of this band for a while

Anyways you need to listen to this song for the love of God...It's beautiful <3
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Cibo Matto
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Cibo Matto
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Oh come on...no one wants to comment on this :{

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Cibo Matto
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They r good!Quite a lot of members coming and going though...

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Cibo Matto
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Another awesome song by this awesome band...one of my favorites...I love this song  B)

Sci-fi Wasabi
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Cibo Matto
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@Rolling Rain

Fun fact:The first song I posted in this thread was dedicated to one of the singer's closest friend who died when she was 19
Presumably the song is titled "Moonchild" since people who have the horoscopic sign of Cancer sometimes call themselves "Moonchildren" to dissociate thhe negative connotation with the actual disease(which is also called Cancer)...so I guess her friend must of died from cancer...that is so sad :(

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Re: Cibo Matto
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Who what to write ??